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 Are you familiar with the  10 Health Reasons to Start Drumming ?

  In addition to that, it's a great way to connect to the music you love in a personal way that enriches your self-expression.  I was taught to see the drums as an extension of my voice and speak through them when I play.

So often, many of the important details in learning to play get glossed over, and it has always been my aim to pay extra attention to each student's needs and understanding through the process.


My goals are to ignite people's enthusiasm and confidence, provide the tools and foundation of understanding for people to develop their own voice on the instrument independently and with other musicians.

Everything you play, from the most basic rudimentary warm-up to moment you leave the stage, should be musical.  My approach to practice is to incorporate elements that are personally exciting to each student into their focused development and maintain a sense of engagement, rather than feeling disconnected to "boring" exercises.  


Get your technique whipped into shape, learn to play songs you love, and expand on the work you're doing with your current band.

I do in-person lessons from my home-studio in Beverly Hills, CA, local rehearsal studios, and Skype lessons internationally.  Let's set it up!







The language of music is like any other- we use it to express emotion and communicate ideas with each other. Develop a solid command of the basics and there's no end to how you can articulate what's inside you.

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